Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

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Hello guys ,plz help me find a old game , I used to play it in pc and i miss it so much, this is some details of it, Sorry first for my bad engrish:
-It is a 2d medieval platform adventure game
-The main character of the game was a blone musician human, who use a violin (maybe) as a weapon, his attack is shot music note forward, he also wear a black-white clothes and a black hat with bird feather (maybe)
-His attack can kill small enemy like snakes, but only stun big enemy
-He can also thrown object like boom, his girl friend,.. to enemy or wall to kill/destroy them
-He have a partner, a cute blone girl, she wear a pink clothes skirt, pink hat, she always follows him to everywhere but can't be controlled and attack, she is immortal. The musician can thrown her to kill big enemy, wall, she don't like that and that act can lose you some coin. You also lose coin when she is being attacked
-There is a menu fill with some big animal icons. You can switch to that menu during the level, choice a animal icon, your girl friend will transform to that animal. You will use her transform to solve some puzzle
-First that menu only have big black icons, you can't use any of them. You must collect these transform icons eventually in your way first to use them
-I remember 2 of her transform is a ostrich that can move through spikes and carry you in her back, and a golem robot that can also move through spikes but it is very slow, you can jump to her head to command her destroy wall with her elastic iron hand in this transform
-in beginning levels, enemy is some snakes and some crocodile - man use sword and round shield, there is also a shop you can visit each time you complete a level (maybe) to spent coins you collected
I tried so hard to find this game, idk if it is a dos, nes, snes.. game or something, i just remember i played it in pc and it was around 2000s. hope you guys can help me find it, Thanks!!

It was a SNES game, called The Violinist Of Hameln. =)

OMG, you found it! i nearly give up finding that fun childhood game and i thought i will never saw it again, i feel so happy right now, thank you a lot! =D

please help me find this game, it is definitely more than 7 years old. It was on online game which was part of a UK ad campaign and it involved being shrunk and you were really small and one part of the game was swimming all the way down to the bottom of a water cooler? I think it was a campaign by a food company but I'm not sure, it was definitely British though and I think the aim of the game was to unshrink yourself.

is there anyone that could tell me more about a game where you controlled an avatar (i think a crown but not sure), and could collect other objects inside a network of pathways made by objects that could be safe to touch or mean instant death.the objects varied in type but all of the same type are identical.
some of the objects you could collect were the planets of the solar system and i remember lots of crowns.
objects could mostly be used to open pathways to a previously unreachable area.
i remember having it on a floppy disk when i was a child.
and the final hint i have left to share is that the game MIGHT have been called realm

Hello community , i'm new here and i'm lookig for a game since 2 years, or more in depth it's a plug and play console i had being a child but i can't even remember the name, any way it was a 8 bit console i guess and there are only 10 games whose 3 games i remember, the first was little red hood wich was a mario like , another was called hunter, and you had to chase a character and the third i remember was a platformer, i just remember the ground was yellow and the background black and the enemies were spawning from the ground , well that's all the info i have, please help me to recover memory :)

Hello, lately I have wanted to feel nostalgia playing my childhood games, but I can't find one, the most accurate description I can write about a game of 7 years ago: it was with big pixels, I think it was something to put bombs, had kinda 5 types of enemies and these were accommodated in hordes and each occupied a square on the screen, there were some areas very difficult and strange, has a million different scenarios regarding the organization of enemies and the edges, it was 2D (I played it on my old PC), I remember something, i think (ONLY THINK) the name was something ... bomb and more, the game was not very colorful I guess for the time), one could only move up, down and from one side to the other.

And AHHHH would mean a lot to me if anyone could recognize this game, Thanks! <3

in this game i remember that i was landing on some strange planet as blue guy whos looking like a human but hes just blue.He has a gun,backpack,pants,shoes,helmet,and that it i think.It's 3th person game and u r shooting other players.I remember that in game u can place your gun on floor and it is becoming a turret that can shoot.there is so big vehicle ,planes,tanks and other things.

I've got a few games I'm struggling to remember the names of. The first is a PC game that acted as a point and click adventure. You're a peasant boy who has a dream about a princess who's been kidnapped or locked up somewhere dark. You wake up and have all these tasks, one of them is to leave the village I think. It was 2D and a sidescroller. The other is a PS1 or PS2 game thats like Harvest Moon but isn't. It wasn't as "cute" if that makes sense and I just vaguely remember trying to take care of farm animals while playing it.

right so there was this penguin game between 2000-2009
All i can remember is that you can move up,down,left,right kind of leaping from one thing to another.
for example there are a few levels i remember one was like in the sea and with a small sand island in the back and you have to leap from barrel to barrel and survive i think i dont necessarily remember how the game was supposed to be played but all i know is youre a penguin and you leap :D anther level was like in the sewers i think and another i think thats in it was like a lava level.
If anyone finds it ill be very happy :D
(i played it on pc btw)

Hi everyone, ive been searching for this game for years and i would be glad if anyone could help me. it is pretty hard but all i remember about it is:
-The game was 3D
-it might be a maze game
-there was a bonus level with mirrors and a lazer, u had to move the mirrors
-the main character was an animal

Thanks alot for anyone who could help me

Kao the kangaroo? to Dzeraldas Jonaitis


Emily Ann:
So I played this game a few years ago, I was a pretty old game. Its a top down, open world PvP game for windows, and you start off with nothing and have to explore the area around you to find items to build stuff, like you had to build a boat to be able to cross the water otherwise you'd drown if you tried to swim. There were bears that would kill you if you weren't strong enough or didn't have the right weapons, there were other players and if they killed you, basically everything you did in the game was gone, you started over from level 1 basically, there was mining, forging stuff. when you stole something from someone, they could hunt you down because a trail would appear and go to your location, and you could be killed offline if you stole something. so generally you wouldn't steal something unless you have a good fortress around your area and your high enough level. you could fish, and most of the time you got around by boat. you could overeat which made you really slow, and you could grow crops, and raise animals once you learned that skill. It was in real time, so certain crops took a few days to be able to harvest, and some took a few hours. There weren't any guns, it was more medieval. You could also make cheese in the game! Sorry I don't have that much to go on!! I'd love to find and play this game again.

Haven & Hearth, maybe? =)

Yes!!!! ahhh thank you so much!!

Hi all!

I got a mind boggler with some rather limited info for you;

I had a game I played when I was a fair bit younger - late 90's early 2000. It was a game that had a view that was similar to the game view in diablo.
You played a character who had two talent trees, I am assuming one of them was weapons and I know the other was PSI or PSY powers.
The game was set I believe in the future as areas were overgrown, and there were beasts, I want to say dinosaurs but I'm not quite too sure, that you had to evade at first until you were better equipped and had got more PSI/PSY experience to come back and kill them.
I also remember having a pistol, and there was an area with stairs you could go down to a common room with steel walls to trade and buy PSI powers and weapons.

This is where my memories of this game fade to black, it was a really great game but unfortunately years of work and scotch and countless other great games have come between us. If any one thinks they know of this game or have played it themselves I'd love to find it and play it again, at least once more.

Thanks for reading and again in advance for any help.

Bruno Fiss:
I've been trying to find this game for months and can't for the life of me.

This PC game is most likely from 1996-2003. I believe it's classified as a Western RPG, or perhaps RPG/Adventure. When in a mission, you see the characters from a birds-eye view. You control mages and warriors, and you can see what kind of armor/robe they are wearing. The opening is nice, kinda of long, and it revolves for a bit around a tower (probably where the bad things started happening(. I believe you are the apprentice of a great magician, and he is killed, so you head off with the mission of finding more about what's happening and putting an end to it. There's a lot of bad activity, goblins, orcs and trolls are more active than usual.

A BIG SPOILER, so please ignore this if you don't want a spoiler, is that, in the end, everything is happening because someone opened a portal to another dimension, and a really powerful and evil being came through and was holding the portal open. Perhaps the person who originally opened it didn't have bad intentions. To finish things you kill off that monster and I guess the portal is sealed. END OF SPOILER

There were a lot of nice cutscenes. I remember one where you'd find a sword, I think it was inside a coffin.

Between missions, you'd go to a town. In this town you could go to the tavern to get new missions or hire mercenaries, there was a separate building where you could train your spell-casting skill, and another place to up your fighting skills, and also a shop where you could buy equipment. The equipment list would increase after every mission, and the list became huge, with super amazing and expensive items. The mercenaries you could hire in the tavern could be seen wearing the equipment, which would also upgrade with every mission, often ending up better than the one your main party had (since the newer and best equipment was so expensive).

In the town view, I believe you wouldn't see your character walking around, but you'd rather just click the building and you'd go into the building automatically. The places would be highlighted when you hovered over them.

If you tried to leave town without having found a mission, the guards next to the gate would cross their weapons and say: it's not right to leave town without a mission to complete.

There was a lot of narration in the game, at least in town, almost all your interactions would prompt shop owners/tavern folks to say something. When talking to people in the tavern, they'd often have longer stories they'd tell, and they'd be narrated (I think they were also written out so you could read them on screen as well).

When you hired mercenaries and went on a mission, I think they would just follow you and help you, but you couldn't explicitly open their inventory or make them do things like the main characters. I could be wrong, though.

Are you talking about gorasul: legacy of the dragon?

Hey guys,

I am looking for a RTS game.
I used to play it around 2000
there were 2 different sides
One of the sides had the ability to regen over time and their starting units were archer, a man with a huge stick, and a man with knifes. Later u could get a man with a flying carpet, a bug like creature that can possess an enemy and deal damage over time and at last something like 2-3 headed ladybug. Also they had a defensive defensive building which is a huge crossbow sentry.
Other side had no regen ability, their starter units were pikeman and rifleman. Later u could have men with hammer (kinda big) and at last a dragon (stays on the ground and uses fire breath) Also their baracks look like a hand holding a broken sword (on a bucket?)
After few levels of missions u had to play on maps where meteors land on your buildings and units.
Also when u launch the launcher a dragon appears and flies closer.

Thank you!

Hey fellas,

So, I don't know when this game came out, but I imagine somewhere between 1994-2004. I only vaguely remember it.

It was for PC. You played a doctor or mad scientist, I think, who was stranded on an alien planet or something. You adventured around in a top-down sort of view. There were puzzle challenges in the game. There were many enemies, but the one I remember distinctly was a two-headed ogre like thing that always killed me. I believe the environment was dangerous. A lot of the game seemed to be inventory management, where you'd collect items you'd need and have to balance out the inventory, which was like a set of so many blocks. Items fit into the inventory taking up so many squares/blocks of room. So, I gun might take four squares of room in the shape of a gun. Some collectible battery might take up a two by two block of your inventory, but a torch would take up a two blocks, one on top of another. You had to sort out your inventory to collect whatever this "areas" objects were, while avoiding baddies and completing requisite puzzles to move forward. Or at least that's how I remember it. I feel like I remember a purple color scheme, but I could be wrong.

I've been looking for this game for years.

Hey Everyone!
There are three games I have been looking for a very long time, I played them on a demo disk (CD ROM Today I think?) and they have always been stuck in mind since and I have been trying to find them again, I found one which was "The Great Green Mouse Disaster", 1996 so its somewhere in the late 90s the other two are coming in from, I do not think they all came from "CD ROM Today" but here's my run down.

1st Game: I have a clear memory of the game being a point and click sort of game, you don't quite control a character directly but the story goes that a comic/illustrator sort of artist working very late into the night needs to finish off some work but falls asleep, and your supposed to help him fill the blanks in this comic by taking objects from the "real world" and putting them into the comic to progress. That is all I remember for this one :S, its super annoying.

2nd Game: For some reason all I can remember from the game is its a point and lick adventure game also, one scene involves trying to get access to a museum (i think, maybe based in London?) and to get help to gain entry you can enter various building along a side scrolling view (no visible character walking left to right, sort of like "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time" but not FMV). One of the building your enter is a pub and there are various people to talk, one person there is a woman whom you have to convince to help you, to get her help you have to order a Ploughmans Lunch from the bar and give it to her but the barman says she is full of it and just wants a free lunch.
Hope this is enough info :S

So Summary for both:
I am sure both were Windows 95/98
Both were 2D with the 2nd having 3Dish characters within the 2D enviroment :S
Were talking 90s, but I think a more accurate timeline is somewhere in 95/98 (not sure)
I was living in Sweden during this time but I am sure that they were English speaking games.

This is all I think of at the moment, I will try and add more details if I remember anything else.
Thank you all in advanced whomever helps me on this endeavor! :D


I have been trying to find two specific games I played when I was a kid and have been searching for them ever-since then. They were both played on windows 95 in the mid to late 90's (EDIT: some other games I have recently identified are from 1998, so probably is around the same time). For clarity and efficiency, only GAME #1 will be mentioned here with GAME 2 being mentioned later in another post.

= GAME #1:

= I only remember one specific scene/part or level for this game and not much else, so I'll do my best to remember.

= I believe it was a 3D sci-fi shooter (fps) game set on a (possibly red/Martian-terrain) with alien doom-like enemies.

= The part I remember was likely at/near the beginning of the game as it had a tutorial/introductory vibe to it.

= I believe the level had you (the player) being led/instructed along a transparent shielded/force-fielded path (similar in my head to a glass aquarium observation tunnel) across the red terrain by a female computer voice as you go.

= outside of the shields, a battle/war was taking place between allies/humans(?) and the enemies/aliens and the allies either lost or were losing. You could actually intervene in the battle by walking through the shields into the battle, where the enemies would try to shoot at you whether you were inside or outside the shields, but I believe that you were unarmed at this point.

= I don't think the aliens or their projectiles could pass through the shields, only you could. So long as you stayed on the path inside you were protected. Reminds me of the beginning of Halo CE where you can see the enemies up close fighting allies, but you were unarmed and defenseless until you later find weapons.

= I think the female computer voice would tell you exposition about the enemies, their attack on the base or whatever, as well as something along the lines of "do not be concerned, the enemies wont be able hit you so long as you remain inside the shields" and would scold you and/or warn you to return if you left them.

= I think the planet's(?) terrain was mostly uneven/natural and rocky, possibly openly explorable in that area too (not linear)and the path may have only been a go-between between 2 buildings/structures or to/from a ship. Possibly the rest of the game was open and outdoors too, but not entirely sure of anything in this particular paragraph/bullet-point to be honest.

Anyway let me know your suggestions to what the game could be, I am at a loss so far. All help is much appreciated, cheers :)

Andreas Yeah:
Hi guys!

this one i tough, i don't remember the name of a PC game i was playing when i was a kid.
Around 1994-1996, its kinda look like "Crusader: No Remorse", so a isometric shooter, cooperation 2 player was possible (i played it with my brothers)
ambient is futuristic and the whole world is ruled by robot-looking womens.
One of the player (also robot-looking) is white the other is orange red.

please help me!



It's this old business tycoon from the 90s where you started in the early 1900s (maybe the 20s?) and had to fill a town's street with shops (restaurant, jewelry, shopping mall, etc), except in other streets some shops would perform better than others (jewelry sold more in rich neighborhoods, per example). Over time you'd advance in years (60s, 70s, 80s up to I think "futuristic" 2000s) and as you did, you'd unlock new kinds of shops, upgrades for 'em, some shops would lose popularity and you could even spread your empire to other streets of town. It had a pretty good depth for such an old game, and I'd like to play it again sometimes.

There are a few games I can't remember the names of.
#1 was a game for ps1 I think may be older not sure I'm not sure. But it was se,y in like a dark creepy circus type of environment. It was a vehicle game and best I can describe it is like a triangular rocket sled type thing. The point was to drive around and you could pick up these crystals that would trail behind you and to avoid the monsters in the environment if I remember right there was one that looked like a scary teddy bear. If you died it showed something like being wheeled into a hospital on a gurney.
#2 was a horror game ps1 or older I think. It had like 3 disks with a creepy looking girl in the cover which was mostly black, I can't remember many details about it other than it scared the crap out of me as a child.
#3 I remember a game where the main character was a man walking down a trail through a forest that was dark and there were these giant creatures that you had to defeat. Kinda reminds me of the new shadow of collossus game but not sure if that was it or not.
#4 this was an older PC game where you basically got to choose a style of robot almost power armour looking or like an at-at and you would walk around a desert environment trying to kill the other robots with machine guns or missiles.
Sorry for such bad recollections on some of them, I was really young when I played these games so I'm kindof fuzzy on the details but they have been bugging me for years trying to figure out what they are!

i remember playing a game on Pc it was a hidden object game where you had to solve puzzles find codes and all that kind of stuff i remember the game first started in the middle of nowhere the car broke down and near by was a gas station nobody was there at this part i cant remember what happened but i remember a window breaking a dead guy on the floor and it was night time... Its all i remember i think we bought it on ebay in 2010( not 100%) thats all i remember it was also quite foggy. Hope u can help me find it cause im really looking forward to playing it

Hello everyone!

I would be very happy, if You will help me to find one game. I can not remember the name of it for like 5 years and it's tilting me. Unfortunatelly, i do not remember it very good, only certain parts. So:
1) I played it around 2005 on PC Windows Xp. It was something like third person shooter, where you where fighting robots/aliens, but i could be wrong;
2) There are several characters, that you will play in campaign. I remember mission, where you were playing as kid and you needed to escape mansion that was on fire;
3) I remember, what you was able to pick weapons from the special menu (all weapons were showed there) and some weapons unblock after reaching certain part of the game. In this weapon menu was blue (?) shield, that was not available till the point, where you got into some training center. In this center was tasks to throw the ball into basketball hoop, also there was some water obstacles... and that is it: on this part of the game i stopped playing it, so i do not know what is the end of it.

I hope this information will help somehow.

Thank you!

P.S. Sorry for such sloppy info
P.P.S And sorry for mistakes in text :)

Guys please, help me
I've been looking for this game so long:
it's about stranded alien with head shaped like a tv (?), it's a 3d game where you probably need to repair alien's ship. I don't remember the detail but the world around was really colorful. I'm sorry for lack of details but this is anything that I could remember. Please, it's making me sick.

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to remember the name of a game I played with my brothers in primary school (15ish years ago) on PC.
It's a board game similar to Monopoly where everyone chooses a character in a car. You drive around in an open world style board game map buying properties where natural disasters may occur damaging them. I remember one specific one was "Nessie" would come out of the lake and damage your property. Also I think it was kind of a race as well, yet also competitive to see who gets the most money.
If anyone have any ideas, would really help as I would like to play it again with my cousin's daughters when they're over, as I remembered it was quite and enjoyable.


EDIT: I also remembered a character having a monocle and big mustache.

This was the closest descripson of a game i also can't find.
I may also add:
- there is a theif that always would follow one player at a time, he would be riding in a car or a balloon following an unlucky player.
- The map was europe, would drive around buying properties. and drawing cards.

Posting this hoping someone will recognize this PC-game?

I am losing my mind trying to think of this game.

It was a puzzle game where you would have different shaped jewels line up on a conveyor belt type thing and you'd have to fit the shapes in a different shaped frame every level (ex: cat silouette)

I played it on PC in the early 2000s and I have 0 idea what the name of it might be

I need someone's help on remembering a game that I used to play in school. It was a deep sea diving game that was obviously about learning. It might have been a game that had this in it as a mini-game. I remember growing up in Miami and going to computer lab and playing this game on win95. Sorry if this has already been discovered or mention here before.

The game was about a deep sea diver in an atmospheric diving suit and you would collect stuff. It had an opening sequence that he would be on a boat and dive into the ocean and then the game started...

Please help! Thanks!

Since (sadly) my description isn't getting results, please answer with any ant/spider related game you know. Literally any game that has either one.

Thank you in advance!

I am losing my mind trying to think of this game.

It was a puzzle game where you would have different shaped jewels line up on a conveyor belt type thing and you'd have to fit the shapes in a different shaped frame every level (ex: cat silouette)

I played it on PC in the early 2000s and I have 0 idea what the name of it might be

This could be several games! I can think of three offhand - Puzzle Inlay, Magic Inlay and Adventure Inlay. Start there?

Hey there, I'm looking for a game.

It's a strategy game from around 2002 where you can choose between three races: humans(women?), some weird blue goblins and insects. You had to make alcohol and stuff to satisfy your soldiers and it was rather hard. The insects could make tequila and the blue people some kind of mushroom alcohol... the graphics where kinda gross i guess?
I also remeber the opening sequence, it was some kind of bird that wanted to sell glasses, shoes and a helmet or so and he had a jet backpack but that exploded so his belongings where scatterd over the world. Every race got one piece

IDK sounds really weird right? google won't help me but maybe one of you could help?
Looking forward to some replies

Hey there, I'm looking for a game.

It's a strategy game from around 2002 where you can choose between three races: humans(women?), some weird blue goblins and insects. You had to make alcohol and stuff to satisfy your soldiers and it was rather hard. The insects could make tequila and the blue people some kind of mushroom alcohol... the graphics where kinda gross i guess?
I also remeber the opening sequence, it was some kind of bird that wanted to sell glasses, shoes and a helmet or so and he had a jet backpack but that exploded so his belongings where scatterd over the world. Every race got one piece

IDK sounds really weird right? google won't help me but maybe one of you could help?
Looking forward to some replies

Sounds like "Alien Nations - 1999", or since you said around 2002, Alien Nation Gold Edition https://www.gog.com/game/alien_nations.

Also yes, that intro to the game was pretty funny with those birds :D, Have fun!

Okay, so this game is a 3D game where the characters are yellow circles(balls) with small arms and legs and they wear accessories including hats, gloves, shoes and maybe glasses etc. The camera is from top-down but at a slight angle giving the more 3D view perspective. You can only move you, down, left and right and from what I remember the puzzles included pushed boxes around a certain area to gain access to the next area. One area was a rocky area with grassy patches in areas in believe.

You could also interact and talk with the other npcs (also yellow balled characters) but I forget whether you gain quest lines from them or not I mean I probably did I just can't remember :P

Also to note you could customise and create a character on the main menu and I think you could also pick a name from a list they had. Hope this info helps someone identify this game.

This might not be a thing in the game or it might be but I honestly don't know wether it is someone I remember or something my mind has made up but I think at some point throughout the game you can use multiple characters at once maybe to do puzzles but I'm not too sure on this one thats why its at the bottom but anyways hope this helps, thank you.

Hey all, I'm looking for a flash game I played a long time ago. It was a 2d game and you were riding a horse. This took place during the Middle Ages. Your goal was to conquer each city on the map. You could go into each city and do quests for people such as deliver this to this city or defeat this enemy. You then would recruit troops to fight with you making it easier to conquer some of the more formidable cities. Most of the game is you looking top down on a map with the cities you have to conquer on it. I really appreciate if anyone could find what game this was as I had a lot of fun playing it.

Game for PS1, 3D platformer, game was similar to Croc. I remember only a few moments from the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game your crew will land you on the island, your character waves for goodbye and the adventure begins. You are on the island where is volcano. Your health bar is small hearts. Welll thats all i remember :P I know its almost nothing, but ---- If you know guys game with same or similar beginning tell me please :) I will appreciate every suggestion, Thakns a lot :)

im looking for a super old pc game i used to play that was like a build your own kingdom game but after building it you could walk around in first person view and look around the kingdom you just made with a few npc you cant interact with but only like a king and a random civilian it was only blocks and triagular shapes since i think it was on a very old windows version like 95 or the one after that, also looking for an old robot game where you fight other hug robots in a gundam like robot that you can customize each of the arms legs weapons like nukes and missiles and panels on it including color and decals

Please help me to find 2 flash games. I think it's too difficult but i keep my hope on you guys because i remember many details of these game but still got nothing.
1. 2d game similar to Epic War, you have a main "truck" where creates your units. It is about man vs zombies. You buy farmers with pitchfork, shot gun, priest with holy blast, etc to defense and destroy zombie nest. Enemies are something from L4D series, a zombie in hood can leap , female zombies..
2. 2d game similar to Epic War, too. But your side is walking tree versus human.

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