Forza 3 Gets An Unofficial Reveal


Video footage of a Microsoft presentation in Brazil revealed what looks a lot like the logo for the third Forza Motorsport game, effectively confirming the game’s long-rumored existence.

Somebody got a little bit too happy with their new camera down at a Xbox community meeting in Sao Paolo, Brazil. A video of a Microsoft presentation, uploaded to (and later removed from) YouTube, revealed what looks very much like the logo for a third entry in Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport series.

The logo is mostly obscured, with what looks like the “RZ” of Forza in a subtitle at the bottom, but come on, let’s not kid ourselves, it’s Forza. Everyone in the crowd at the event jumped to the same conclusion, with cheers and shouts of “Forza!” going out while the official fellow at the mic pretended to be totally unaware. For all we know, this camera was planted, this video planned all along, even the YouTube removal part of Microsoft’s PR game.

Previously leaked info about Forza 3 revealed that the game would be “epic” and span two DVDs, include 400 cars and 100 tracks, feature “near limitless customization options” and a whole slew of other unofficial details.

So gearheads, just try to not get too whipped up by Microsoft’s purposefully crappy attempts to hide this game from you – they’re just trying to get you worked up. It’s more than likely coming, and I’m sure we’ll get the full story at E3.

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