Gaming media consultant Hammersuit has gathered four more online clients.

Popular gaming website Destructoid, GoNintendo, Gamersyde and Modojo have all partnered with Hammersuit LLC, a business development consultant company specializing in the videogame industry. Hammersuit provides advertising sales, consulting, sponsorships and other services to its clients so that they can focus on their editorial content.

“Hammersuit has played a vital role in Destructoid’s growth,” said Yanier Gonzalez, founder of Destructoid and Vice President of ModernMethod, its parent company. “From day one, we’ve had access to better sponsors and solid consulting advice – because they’ve been there and done that. I would recommend Hammersuit to anyone trying to carve out a name in the gaming space.”

“We’re welcoming Destructoid, GoNintendo, Gamersyde, and Modojo to the Hammersuit network because they are admired, dynamic web destinations for gamers,” explained Jill Keil, CEO of Hammersuit. “They provide high-quality coverage of the gaming industry and have built vibrant, thriving communities in a way few other sites have been able to accomplish.”

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