Fox Markets Halo Merchandise


20th Century Fox licenses Halo brand for merchandise and Todd McFarlane makes toys based on the game trilogy.

While Mad Catz works on Halo Xbox 360 faceplates, 20th Century Fox, the same studio that abandoned the Halo film project, has become the premier licensor of the Halo brand for merchandise production. Similar to agreements signed with Microsoft over Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power, Fox intends on creating books, apparel and toys to release alongside the Halo 3 title.

Elie Dekel, Executive VP of Domestic Licensing for Fox, stated, “Those two games established our relationship with them as a licensing agency, and those conversations continued during the same time that a Halo film was in development here.”

McFarlane Toys will also be entering the Halo toy tussle with its own collection of licensed action figures in early 2008. Characters to be featured in the new product line include Master Chief, Brute Chieftain, Jackal Sniper, a Grunt 2-Pack, Cortana and the Warthog, Chopper and Ghost vehicles.

Todd McFarlane, Chief Executive Officer of McFarlane Toys, commented, “Halo is one of the top video game franchises of all time. We get to put our company’s touch on a sci-fi epic that is visually and thematically stunning. Through its gameplay, Halo has been able to attract a very large and loyal audience, most of whom happen to be our customers as well, which makes this an excellent partnership.”

Source: Variety

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