Free-to-Play Hero Shooter Gigantic Gets a July Release Date


The next free-to-play hero shooter to hit Steam will be Motiga’s Gigantic, when it launches next month.

Gigantic has been around for a while. Heck, we checked it out at PAX Prime back in 2015. The hero-based shooter/MOBA pits two teams of five players against each other in a colorful world, much like Overwatch or Paladins.

The game is currently in open beta (as you can see in the trailer above) over on Arc, and it’s going to fully release next month on Steam. The news comes in a post on the game’s official site, which includes an official release date: July 20.

You can check out plenty of new features in the open beta, including new bot matches, team voice chat, and a tutorial for new players. The open beta also updates all of the game’s battlefields, and packs in some UI improvements and Hero updates as well. You can see the full patch notes on the game’s official site.

Gigantic is releasing on July 20, but you can try out the open beta now over on Arc.

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