Free World of Warcraft Mobile Auction House Beta Goes Live


Managing World of Warcraft auctions on the go just became possible thanks to Blizzard’s Armory iPhone App.

Blizzard announced in February that it would be allowing mobile access to World of Warcraft‘s auction house though the iPhone Armory App. This new functionality is called the Remote Auction House and went into a free open beta testing phase this week.

To participate in the beta, download the Armory App and fire it up. The Remote Auction House can also be accessed through the web. Users can currently bid or buy out items, collect gold from sold auctions, and post items to the auction house from their bags, bank, and mailbox. To avoid abuse, the beta will limit auction house transactions to 25 per day for each WoW account. Once the App goes live, the limit will be raised to 200. The list of realms allowed to participate in the beta are limited and can be found here.

One little minor thing: once the beta ends, a $2.99 subscription fee will be required per account per 30 days of Remote Auction House use. Without a subscription, players can still browse the auction house and view various aspects involving it such as when they are outbid or when an auction succeeds. A subscription fee is only required to physically interact with auctions.

Blizzard hasn’t revealed when the Remote Auction House beta will end yet. The company is also teasing more features like this to be added in the future, writing in the Remote Auction House FAQ that it is “considering other services that could help keep players connected to different aspects of World of Warcraft through the web or their mobile devices,” and that it “looks forward to sharing more details in the future.”

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