Frozen Gets the Game of Thrones Treatment in Mashup Trailer


Watch this Disney’s Frozen video cut to Game of Thrones’ Season Four trailer.

There’s already a ton of trailers out on the internet covering Disney’s hit animated movie, Frozen, and the song “Let It Go,” but here’s one you might haven’t seen just yet, a video for Frozen mashed up with the HBO Game of Thrones season four trailer. Courtesy of YouTuber “CutPrintFilm,” it’s certainly a little lighthearted given the footage is from a Disney film, but Game of Thrones’ dialogue brings enough darkness to it to make it work.

Want more Game of Thrones adaptation? Keeping up with the times, here’s a post where Game of Thrones’ houses are imagined as World Cup soccer uniforms. Not content with that? Here’s something much more odd; a video showcasing Game of Thrones’ characters re-imagined as cuddly pugs. Now, if you’re looking for something more connected to the TV series, we got confirmation that we will see Dorne come next season, and you can also read up on what Daenery’s future holds in season 5.

Of course, given this is a mashup, which consists of two properties, we didn’t forget about Frozen. Here’s a rather long read where our own MovieBob talks about the film’s ending, which needless to say, will contain spoilers.

Source: YouTube via Winter is Coming

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