Funded MOD-t Indiegogo Wants to Bring 3D Printing to the Masses


$249 gets you a fully functioning 3D printer, delivered in May 2015.

3D Printers are quickly becoming all the rage, but owning your own is still an expensive endeavor. I backed the Rapide One with some friends earlier this year — a promising piece of hardware that cost $1,500 post-early backer discount.

$1,500 is a steep entry point for what still amounts to a hobby, not to mention the cost of materials. But New Matter might have the most promising inexpensive entry into 3D printing at the moment, even if it’s not shipping until next year.

The Mew Matter MOD-t 3D printer is up on Indiegogo right now, and $249 will get you a fully functioning printer, plus a spool of filament to get you started. $249 isn’t chump change, either, but it’s absolutely an approachable price level for those who want a 3D printer in their home.

With 30 days left, the $375,000 campaign is already fully funded — over $485,000 and rising — and well over 2,000 MOD-t printers have been claimed. Once the MOD-t is out in the open, New Matter’s online store will offer up product designs, as well as act as the community hub.

The Verge has a solid in-depth look at New Matter and the Mod-t as well. If you’re on the fence about buying a printer, the Mod-t might just tip the scales.

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