Gamecock and Auran have announced that Fury, their PvP-based first-person MMOG, has shipped to retailers.

The recent completion of the Fury Challenge open-beta tournament has led to many changes and improvements to the game, including a revamped and more flexible character creation and customization system. “Fury is pushing the boundaries of what people expect from an [MMOG],” said Harry Miller, “El Presidenté” at Gamecock. “Players have been looking for a game that embraces PvP for years and now thanks to Auran they’ll finally have it.”

Fury is designed to offer a fluid and fast-paced PvP experience without requiring large investments of time. Character classes do not exist in the game, allowing development to occur more organically, and unlike most MMOGs the majority of spells and abilities are “instant cast,” heightening the speed and intensity of battle. The game is free to play out of the box, but Auran also offers a $9.95 monthly “Immortal” subscription plan that gives players bonuses including quick-travel options, priority log-in queuing, in-game Customer Service access and more. More information is available at

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