WarCry is pleased to present an exclusive series of developer diaries from the FusionFall team. To kick the series off, FusionFall‘s Executive Director Chris Waldron sets the tone for future diaries and the overall direction and mission of the development team.


Here we are, a brand new year and less than a week from launch for FusionFall. We have been so excited by the reactions in the press and from our beta players to the game so far. It’s been a long road for us getting to this point, but we are almost at our most important milestone so far.

Of course, we did go into Open Beta on 12/27, so in a lot of ways that was our launch. FusionFall is available for anyone to play right now, and the characters created from that point on will carry over past our launch in 1/14.

Even though we have our launch staring us right in the face, I can’t stop thinking about the future of the game. We have so many exciting plans for content updates and expansions that we’re working on even now. New characters, new areas, new gear, new features and new Nanos are all on the drawing boards and in some cases being worked on right now.


We’re still pushing hard to get the game in as good a shape as possible for launch, of course. Currently, optimization and making the loading easier are our two main priorities. One of the things that became more and more apparent the deeper we got into beta was that, while FusionFall is certainly not the first MMO, it will be the first MMO that a lot of our audience plays. That means that we aren’t going to have the luxury of an audience that is familiar with other MMOs and their launches. There are pros and cons to that, but it’s a factor that we have to keep in mind at all times, especially when we communicate game issues to our players.

We look forward to the challenges and the opportunities in 2009, and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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