Artist Alexy Zakharov has created a gorgeous new rendition of Futurama‘s intro skyline, complete with the Planet Express.

Arguably one of the saddest bits of TV news last year was Futurama finally getting the permanent axe. Granted, it’s not like the show didn’t have a decent run and it had already been rescued once by Comedy Central after Fox originally cancelled it in 2003. Nonetheless, when you consider that The Simpsons continues to limp along after more than a quarter century, it just seems unfair that we couldn’t get at least a few more years of sci-fi cartoon comedy.

Even if Futurama is dead on television however, it still certainly lives on in the hearts of its fans who, apparently, can produce some impressive content of their own when they set their minds to it. Artist Alexy Zakharov, for instance, recently released a series of videos and concept art re-imagining the colorful future of the show in gorgeous 3D. Most impressively, one of his videos recreates the skyline from the show’s opening, complete with a highly detailed model of the Planet Express ship zipping by. The sequence was made using programs including 3Dsmax, Nuke, After Effects and Photoshop.

All in all, while I can’t say I’d consider Zakharov’s work superior to the style employed in the actual show, you’d probably hard pressed to find anyone who’d deny that he’s produced some gorgeous piece here. Just personally, I loved how his rendition of the Planet Express ship manages to look more detailed and realistic than the show version, but still maintains a somewhat cartoon feel. Take a gander at his art and let us know what you think of this Futurama tribute.

Source: Kotaku

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