Olivia Munn is trading in her Chun-Li costume for something far cooler: a microphone at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Olivia Munn, star of G4’s Attack of the Show, is apparently looking to broaden her horizons as both an actress and a comedienne. Hot off her role as reporter Chess Roberts in Iron Man 2, Ms. Munn is auditioning to be a regular cast member of The Daily Show.

Munn appeared on the show as a “Senior Asian Correspondent” who was reporting on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and how it was affecting Vietnamese fishermen operating in the area.

The video itself was kind of funny, but more because of the general premise and the appearance of other show regulars, not so much because of Munn herself. She was obviously trying, but there was definitely an air of nervousness surrounding her.

According to Reuters, who contacted Comedy Central, the on-camera report was essentially a live audition: “A Comedy Central spokesperson characterized Munn’s appearance on the show as a ‘tryout,’ something the network has done on occasion over the years with various performers.”

For Munn, this could be a huge boost to her career, putting her in front of a massive mainstream audience on a regular basis and surrounding her with some very big names in the entertainment industry. If she gets some more camera time, hopefully things will go a little smoother.

Source: Reuters

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