Gabe Newell has given out his Steam account information and double dog dares you to log-in to his account.

Gabe Newell’s Steam account information has been leaked to the entire world. Not by a hacker, but by Newell himself in an attempt to prove how safe Steam’s new security system is.

Valve recently unveiled Steam Guard, a new layer of protection that allows Steam users to tie their account to a single PC, preventing account theft even with the knowledge of log-in information. Steam Guard also notifies users if someone tries to log-in to their account from a foreign computer.

At the CeBIT conference in Hanover Germany, Newell demonstrated the power of Steam Guard by revealing his Steam log-in email and password to the crowd (and now the internet). “You can try to log-in and steal my account if you can,” he said. “But you can’t.”

Newell’s Steam log-in email is “[email protected],” and his password is “MoolyFTW.” Give it a shot! Perhaps the elusive Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is inside.

Source: Reddit

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