GAME Branches Out Into the Hotel Business


Fancy a night in the ultimate London gaming pad? Do you have £199 per night to spare?

British specialist games retailer The Game Group, which only survived bankruptcy thanks to a spectacular last-minute save, has decided its future now lies in the hotel trade, apparently, provided you have £199 ($320) per night to spare. GAME has partnered with London Stratford City Staybridge Suites to offer The Ultimate Gaming Experience, complete with the latest console kit, pizza, and soft drinks.

It’s a January 2013 promotion for the game retailer, which has created a lads’ paradise where boys who play hard won’t be nagged to do the dishes. Separate gaming areas for each console means your Wii won’t get mixed in with your Xbox 360 experience. No mention of whether there’s a game library on site or whether you’re expected to bring your own fun, but presumably GAME has already thought of that; and you have to be over 18 to book and stay in GAME’s decadent suite, so no bringing the kids along.

I’m not sure I’d pay £199 a night to stay in Stratford; and a quick price check shows that £199 is on the high end for Staybridge Suites in January. Still, GAME can’t be faulted for trying new things and, if you have money to burn, this could be the place to incinerate it.

Source: Videogamer

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