[puzzle=3]How do you break the news to your coworkers that you’re leaving your job at a major game studio to pursue indie development? With a game, of course.

Jarrad Farbs decided to leave his position as a developer at 2K Australia in order to take up independent game development full-time. But he wanted to let people know about his upcoming departure in a memorable, yet legal and non-horrifying, way. Thus was born A Message for 2K Australia.

He stayed up all night working on his resignation, a short, playable Flash game featuring Mario delivering the news along with a very nice farewell message. “Thank you 2K Australia!” the game says at its conclusion. “You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle.”

I’m a bit envious of Farb’s resignation because I’ve never been able to engineer such a memorable departure for myself. I lack the creativity to come up with something this cool and I’m too scared of prison to commit arson, so generally I just give my notice and then stop showing up for work. It’s effective, but on the whole I think I prefer Jarrad’s method. Give it a try for yourself on his blog at farbs.org.

via: Kombo

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