Game of Phones Turns Your Smartphone Into a Party Game

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In the game of phones, you win or you… well, lose, but you have fun doing it.

Smartphones – the bane of any party. It’s hard to be social when everyone is quietly staring at screens, which is what inspired Luke Stern and Sam Wander to design a new kind of party game. Rather than allowing phones to be a distraction, the freshly-Kickstarted Game of Phones makes them the center of attention as everyone in the room competes in smartphone-based challenges.

Game of Phones is a pretty simple game to learn. An official deck of cards (the only physical component of the game) contains a variety of challenges, like “Find something from one year ago today.” A designated judge announces the challenge and waits for the party to go rummaging through their phones, then decides who has come up with the best response. It’s not unlike Cards Against Humanity, the reigning king of party games, except your arsenal of white cards includes embarrassing photos from your phone’s hard drive.

The Kickstarter campaign is just about to wrap up, with the funds coming in at well over the $6,000 goal. If the pledge rewards are anything to go by, the game will cost you about $25. There are a few drawbacks you may want to consider before dropping that cash, though: anyone without a smartphone won’t be very amused, and some of the challenges directly utilize apps like Instagram or Snapchat which some people (myself, for starters) might not use.

Still, it beats sitting around awkwardly and tweeting about how lame the party is.

Source: Kickstarter

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