A fan-made video shows us how Game of Thrones’ intro looks like using Super Mario World sprites and it even has the intro score done in 8-bit.

If you’re a video game fan and love HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series, then this might be the most awesome thing you’ll see the entire day. YouTube user NicksplosionFX has released a video wherein he recreates Game of Thrones’ intro using Nintendo’s Super Mario World for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) sprites, stages and more. If that wasn’t enough, even the song’s iconic intro score has also been recreated using 8-bit blips and bloops.

NicksplosionFX has also uploaded a side-by-side video that showcases the original Games of Thrones TV intro with that of his creation. And yes, it’s a pretty accurate remake and even made more impressive given he was limited to Super Mario World assets.

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Source: YouTube via CNET

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