Game of Thrones Season 4 Director Hints at Daenerys’ Future in Season 5


Game of Thrones Season 4 director Alex Graves hints at Daenerys Stormborn’s future for the next season.

Another season of HBO’s amazing Game of Thrones has come and gone, and while the wait will be torture to fans (like me), you can expect us to nibble at any info that’s out there provided it’s not too spoilerish. Well, that’s just what we have here. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Season 4 director Alex Graves hints at Daenery’s (Emilia Clarke) future in Season 5.

If you’ve seen Season 4’s season finale, The Children, I doubt that what’s revealed below will be considered spoilers. But nonetheless, proceed with caution all the same.

The casting of the two men who come to her at court was key. You are very much setting up next year, laying out that she is now alone. Everyone she had on the way up has been banished or sent away. She is in a very, very dark place that’s going to lead into next year. [Emilia Clarke] did a great job, as always.

So, with her dragons chained and such, I expect we’ll see a less commanding come next year. Those planning on talking about the TV series, please refrain from posting book spoilers. You’ve been warned.

For more Game of Thrones reading, check out how Westeros would look like if it was based in America. In regards to Season 5, what do you expect will happen to Daenerys? And will she be able to fully control her dragons at all soon? When will she finally march to King’s Landing? Hopefully, all these questions will finally be answered when the next season rolls in.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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