Broforce‘s explosive Vietnam Rescue mission just got infected by an Aliens parody campaign.

Looking for a critically-acclaimed early access game that matches your love of 80s action movies? Broforce will absolutely scratch that itch – or more appropriately, blow it up with rocket launchers in the name of freedom. Few games have made fast-paced action so difficult, satisfying, and hilarious at the exact same time, but now developer Free Lives is upping the ante. Having covered the Vietnam Rescue genre at length, Broforce will now parody a familiar sci-fi action film with its “Alien Infestation Update”. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Once you’ve beaten the “Kazakhstan” section of Broforce‘s World Campaign, you’ll find that Central Vietnam is infested with a new “Ultra Violet” threat level. Accessing this mission takes you to levels filled with new alien threats, including Facehuggers, Xenomorph Hordes, and giant Sandworm boss creatures. The Alien Infestation update comes with all-new game mechanics as well: Portions of walls are coated in spike traps while the Facehuggers will keep you alive with deadly eggs in your chest. If you’re playing multiplayer, that means infected bros could become a serious problem down the line. “Game Over, Man” indeed.

What’s more, the Alien Infestation campaign will receive new content just like the rest of Broforce. The complete list of features isn’t available just yet, but Free Lives did provide a screenshot of a massive Queen that fills your entire monitor. So if you already love Broforce, or want to experience Aliens in 2D, this new update is absolutely worth the download.

Source: Steam Community

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