Game Room Service Falters Before it Can Begin


Microsoft’s attempt to bring classic retro arcade games to the Xbox 360 has stumbled out of the gate and shows no immediate sign of getting back on its feet.

Microsoft’s Game Room was originally intended to house over 1,000 retro games within the first three years, with regular updates beginning in late April. Unfortunately this was not to be, Game Room’s developer Krome Studios saw a number of layoffs that brought its update cycle to a screeching halt before it could even begin.

“The latest batch of Game Room content has also been delayed until further notice – I’ll let you know once a new date is confirmed,” Xbox Live editor for EMEA Daniel Maher said.

Game Room launched with a number of classic titles like Centipede, Astroids Deluxe, and Tempest, and was expected to pick up Super Breakout, Pitfall, Megamania, Nightstalker, Rack ’em Up, Real Sports Volleyball, and Basketball before the release was delayed. With Krome’s faltering performance, it may be some time before Game Room can start adding to its library.

Source: Edge Online

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