Gamecock Endorses Colbert for President


Gamecock has officially announced its endorsement of Stephen Colbert for President of the United States, and will celebrate their candidate’s belief in unbridled commercialism by using the event to promote its upcoming political party game, Hail to the Chimp.

“After conducting extensive polling and scrutinizing all the candidates’ stances on various issues, we came to the conclusion that Stephen Colbert has shown strong leadership and best represents the interests of the videogame playing community,” said Gamecock Grand Champeen Mike Wilson. “Stephen Colbert had Will Wright on his show and he pummeled Nancy Pelosi’s Mii in Wii Boxing. These decisive actions have earned our vote.”

Hail to the Chimp, in which various members of the animal kingdom duke it out for the right to assume the presidency of the animal kingdom, is a non-partisan game and won’t make any specific political statements, according to Gamecock, although the company hopes it will help raise political awareness among gamers.

Colbert initially attempted to run for executive office on both the Republican and Democratic tickets in South Carolina, but was derailed when the state’s Democratic Party executive council voted to refuse his application to be on the ballot; the Republican party, meanwhile, wanted $35,000 to consider his nomination, vastly exceeding Colbert’s stated campaign cost limit of $5000. Aside from offering him the use of the company’s Austin offices for his campaign headquarters, however, Gamecock El President√© Harry Miller said no other effort would be made to support Colbert’s campaign. “I wish the best for Mr. Colbert,” Miller said, “but what do we look like, political strategists?”

More information about Gamecock’s politically-charged action-thriller (cartoon animal fighting game) Hail to the Chimp can be found at

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