Bret “The Hitman” Hart has recently released his autobiography and now realizes how popular he still is to fans through their experiences with him in videogames long after he retired.

As one of the few men to ever successfully sport pink tights in public, “The Hitman” established himself in the mid-90s as one of professional wrestling’s greatest athletes. His accomplishments as a seven-time World Champion earned him spots as a member of the WWE Smackdown vs RAW roster long after his retirement.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Hart commented on his legacy living through games: “It’s funny because little kids come up to me who are like five years old and they want to talk to me about wrestling. And these kids, they’ve never even seen me wrestle. It’s all from the videogames and action figures. They tell me on the videogames that I’m pretty hard to beat. That’s good. Whenever I play against my girlfriend, I lose every time.”

The extensive interview delves into Hart’s controversial history with the WWE and its owner, Vince McMahon. He leaves his last thoughts on how he’d like to be remembered by those who saw him wrestle.

“Vince McMahon said it on my DVD, that I was the greatest story teller in wrestling, and I think I was,” he explained. “When I watch other matches, I don’t see the same types of story-telling ability. And I think what I want people to always remember about me is that I very rarely got hurt and I never, ever injured another wrestler. It was all about safety.”

Source: G4

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