Gamestop Activity Book


Retail juggernaut GameStop Corp. has introduced a large format activity book for kids. The book, which features coloring pages, word puzzles and mazes, is available at all GameStop retail locations with the purchase of a new E-rated videogame.

The activity book was created with the assistance of EA, Activision, Nintendo, Midway, Sega, Ubisoft, Microsoft, D3 Publisher, Eidos, Crave, Tommo, Majesco Entertainment and DSI games. As expected, each activity in the book is themed to an E-rated game from one of these publishers, including a Nights: Journey of Dreams coloring page and a My Spanish Coach word scramble, among a great many others.

Additionally, through November 30th, kids can submit their best “How to Draw: and “Coloring” pages to be eligible to win GameStop gift cards. The activity book is also available as a PDF download (PDF 5mb) and full contest rules are available on GameStop’s Activity Book Contest! page.

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