GameStop Clerk Shot During Robbery


Despite cooperating with an armed robber holding up his store, a GameStop clerk in Florida was shot as the man left with a freshly-stolen Nintendo Wii, and some games and cash.

Minutes after a GameStop in Orange County, FL opened on Monday morning, a man armed with a handgun entered and ordered the clerk on duty and his customer to stay put. After waiting for an automated timer on the store’s safe to expire, the gunman took the cash, a Nintendo Wii and some games – and shot the clerk in the leg on his way out.

Given that the GameStop employee had fully cooperated with the robber, local authorities have yet to find a motive for the shooting other than that the gunman simply felt like it. “From what we know so far, there doesn’t appear to be a struggle and it’s preliminary, but it looks like the suspect got what he wanted and had no reason to shoot, but he did anyway,” said Lt. Eddie Appleby of the Orange County Sherrif’s Office.

Law enforcement officials are searching for the gunman, whose face was captured on film by the store’s security cameras – and suspect that there is a chance that he may be connected to another robbery that occurred at the same store the day after Thanksgiving.

The clerk is expected to make a full recovery and called his manager from the hospital to tell him that he was feeling well – other than, you know, the whole “being shot in the leg” thing.

I can’t help but feel that the guy should have tried to foist 100 copies of Modern Warfare 2 off on the gunman instead. Where the hell would he hide with all of those games?

(WFTV Orlando)

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