Pre-ordering from Gamestop will net you a double-sided Diablo III poster and an in-game helm that offers a +exp bonus.

Diablo III for PS3 and PS4 was one of the biggest surprise announcements in Sony’s PS4 reveal event earlier this year. While Blizzard has offered no official word on the game’s release date, it hasn’t stopped an overzealous Gamestop from putting up a poster detailing pre-order bonuses. If you wish to sell your soul to Gamestop and put your money down before the game’s release, you’ll be rewarded with a double-sided poster and an in-game helm that gives a bonus to experience earned.

The poster is a nice little bonus, but the in-game helm is definitely something of interest. It will mark the first non-cosmetic “DLC” item for the game, that won’t be available inside of the game world. I would assume it will be an account-bound item, similar to the Hellfire Ring introduced in a recent patch, meaning owners won’t be able to trade it to other players.

Anyone who plays the game on Hardcore, as well as anyone who is farming paragon levels, will tell you the huge advantage having a high level +exp gem in your helm offers. If this helmet comes in a socketed variety, it’s going to give Gamestop pre-orderers a huge advantage.

Also inadvertently revealed with this poster is the slightly reworked box art for the PS3 version of the game. I’ll forgive you for not noticing, as it’s basically just a close up of the PC version box art.

A playable version of the PS3 edition of Diablo III at Penny Arcade Expo revealed that it is quite far along in its development cycle. We know that the game will be playable offline, will not include the controversial Real Money Auction House, and won’t offer cross-platform play with the PC version.

Given the state of the game and the emergence of this poster, we can probably estimate the PS3 edition of the game will be released before the end of the year. Patch 1.0.8 for the PC version of the game is currently available on the public test realm. It should be out in the coming weeks, and aims to make the multiplayer aspect of the game more attractive.

Source & Image: Diablo Fans

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