Actually, the retail chain wants any iOS devices you’ve got lying around, including iPads and iPod Touches.

GameStop’s business model for dealing with used games and hardware has proved to be pretty successful for the company so far. However, the real money-makers are apparently iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, and it turns out that the company is rolling out a new program that will let customers trade them in for store credit.

9to5Mac managed to get the screenshot seen here and the smaller print reads as follows:

“Did you know that GameStop now buys your old iPod, iPhone and iPad devices? Trade them in at GameStop for in-store credit. Perfect for trading toward games, accessories, systems and more. Bring in your old iPod or iPad and a Game Advisor can assist you. Plus, you’ll score PowerUp Rewards points on every item traded.”

Apparently GameStop rolled out the new trade-in program with a minimal amount of fanfare last week at a Las Vegas trade show. That said, not all stores are actively participating in the program, so you might want to call your local one up and check before you march on down to make a trade.

There are a couple of other details that aren’t entirely clear with this program: Exactly what devices will be accepted for trade-in and just what exactly will GameStop be doing with all this old Apple gear? Will they be re-sold in stores? Be sold to another company for some other nebulous use? Used for skeet-shooting? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: 9to5Mac via GamePolitics

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