Chris Taylor from Gas Powered Games announced that he was making a new fantasy RTS called Kings and Castles by … going to a farm.

Gas Powered Games has had quite a few successes since it was founded in 1998 by industry vet, Chris Taylor. After Dungeon Siege and its sequels, GPG went modern with the huge-scale Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander 2. Now it appears that the company is going back to its roots and making an epic real time strategy game called Kings and Castles. According to the release, the game is being made for PC and “next generation consoles” and will pit 3 kings against one another in an original fantasy world. There was no word on a release timeframe, or whether “next generation” consoles means this generation or the next-next generation.

Kings and Castles will feature GPG’s trademark of being able to zoom into any level of detail. “We also promise to gouge evil from its shell at least once, or maybe twice,” said Taylor. “But not three times. That would be weird.”

Announced at the same time as the game is Chris Taylor’s video blog series on the development of Kings and Castles. The first episode is up today, and in it Taylor doesn’t really mention anything about games or design, other than the fact that feeding a horse and game design are not very similar. It appears that the video blog will offer insight on the design of Kings and Castles but will also try to do so with as much entertainment value as possible.

As Taylor puts it, “Synergy will be leveraged, and paradigms will be established. More importantly, buzzwords will be utilized.”

I’m not really sure which I’m more interested in, the fact that GPG is heading back to fantasy or that I can watch Taylor screw around over the course of its development.

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