Gatchaman Movie Shows Signs of Life

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Imagi’s feature length adaptation of Japanese bird-ninja anime Gatchaman might not be as dead as people think.

When Imagi Studios was forced to close its doors earlier this year due to financial problems, it seemed to spell the end of the computer animated Gatchaman movie it was working on. But the company was able to secure new investment, and this week a new clip from the movie appeared on its official website.

The clip shows the team making short work of a spider robot attacking the city. It’s hard to know for sure from just a single minute of footage, but it looks like it’s staying pretty faithful to the original cartoon. The uniforms and weapons seem to be intact, as well as the dynamic aerial combat.

What’s going to be interesting is when we get some more plot details, because Gatchaman has been translated into English multiple times, first as Battle of the Planets, then as G-Force and then as Eagle Riders, not to mention the uncut dub of the original anime released in 2005. If this movie ever makes it to theatres, it’s guaranteed that some people are going to be scratching their heads when characters aren’t called what they remember.

Gatchaman is scheduled for a 2011 release, but the movie has been delayed multiple times since its announcement in 2006, so best jot that one down in pencil for the time being.

Source: Film Junk

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