Gauntlet Gets a Major Facelift For Steam


The famous arcade dungeon-brawler Gauntlet is being “completely modernized” for a Steam release later this year.

If you passed any time at all in arcades back in the 80s or 90s, you probably ran across Gauntlet, a behemoth of a machine that let four players team up to crash through top-down dungeons overflowing with endless hordes of monsters. Despite its fantasy trappings it was a pure action game, with only minor differences separating the four character classes: Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie and Elf.

A dramatically updated version of that multiplayer mayhem will soon make its way to Steam, as WBIE announced today that a “completely modernized” Gauntlet is being developed for release later this year. It’s the first of a planned direct-to-digital portfolio of games called “WB Games Vault,” which will see popular classics and original titles released exclusively to multiple digital platforms.

Gauntlet is one of the most defining games from our childhoods, and it’s amazing to be able to work with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on a brand new version,” said Johan Pilestedt, CEO of developer Arrowhead Game Studios. “Gauntlet is one of the original and best known video game properties and we are looking forward to creating a fresh, yet true to the original, take on a multiplayer masterpiece.”

The new Gauntlet will support local and online multiplayer action, and dungeons will be procedurally generated. But while it’s obviously many orders of magnitude more advanced that its 30-year-old predecessor, there’s no mistaking the game on display in this fast-and-furious (and bloody) launch trailer. That’s Gauntlet, alright.

Gauntlet is currently slated to hit Steam sometime in the second half of 2014.

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