Gearbox Talks Borderlands 3


Wait, what happened to Borderlands 2? Oh, you cheeky fellows at Gearbox Software.

It’s always a trip to go behind the closed doors of a studio full of developers you admire. Yes, they’re businesses where people work hard every day, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t above having some fun every now and then, too.

Case in point: The above video, produced by G4TV, takes us on a tour of Gearbox Software, developers of Borderlands and now Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, it’s a parody – if the first “executive vice president” skit didn’t tip you off, the rest of it really ought to have.

And then Randy Pitchford just mentions Borderlands 3. It’s a sort of prequel to Borderlands 4, you know. Oh Randy, you kidder.

Yes, it’s just a silly little video, but it’s always nice to see developers having fun. And it’s a fun way to close out the work day, too.

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