Still pressing buttons yourself? Don’t you know we have machines to do that these days?

Gears of War 3 has a suite of medals for interacting with objects a certain number of times. The very highest award – the onyx medal – requires the player to interact with a whopping 2,000 objects. The Gears 3 community learned very quickly that there was a piano in the first chapter where the determined could earn their medal without having to mess around with doors and the like. Special makeup effects artist and puppeteer Guy Himber decided that pressing buttons himself was a mug’s game, and instead built a button pressing robot out of Lego.

According to Himber, who – among lots of other things – has worked on movies like Stargate and Crank, as well as the Resident Evil and Underworld series, the robot presses the button so that Himber didn’t have to. According to Himber, the device presses the button a little faster than once per second, a total of 67 presses per minute. He thought that only about half of them counted, however, which meant that it took around an hour to get the medal.

While Himber is technically cheating, I don’t think that anyone could really hold it against him. After all, the effort of making the robot was probably the equivalent of pressing the button himself anyway – although it was likely a lot more fun. You can watch a video of the robot in action here.

Source: Kotaku

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