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Microsoft and The Coalition have released a video detailing the multiplayer maps launching with Gears 5 next week.

The video shows off all 11 maps that come with the game free of charge on day one, but Gears 5 will have post-launch support that features more maps for free.

The Coalition is aiming to create Gears of War’s most diverse map offerings yet with its seven standard versus maps and four Escape mode maps. Asylum, Bunker, District, Exhibit, Icebound, Training Grounds, and Vasgar — the standard maps — range from dark and asymmetric to bright with environmental hazards. On the other side of things are the Escape maps: The Hive, The Descent, The Mines, and The Gauntlet. These missions task a trio of players with escaping swarms of enemies, and the maps look to sustain this run-for-your-life-esque gameplay.

With nearly four minutes showing off what maps players will enjoy over the next few months, there is plenty of content here to start planning out some tactics. The video also makes it a point to remind creative types of the multiplayer Map Builder in Gears 5. With over 50 Map Builder tiles to use and more on the way post-launch, the Gears community will have lots of multiplayer content to play with over the next year.

In related news, the title debuted its Horde trailer at Gamescom last week for fans of the classic Gears mode.

Gears 5 launches Sept. 6 for Game Pass Ultimate or Ultimate Edition owners and Sept. 10 for everyone else.


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