The live-action Gears of War movie has found a screenwriter in Jon Spaihts, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work writing Dune. / Gears of War 3

Footage of a PlayStation 3 build of Microsoft exclusive Gears of War 3 has leaked online. The footage comes from a Twitter user who also goes by the name Proto on his YouTube channel. On his channel, he posted a complete campaign playthrough of the game.

In the video description, he noted that the build in the video was dated for May 19, 2011 and is different from a previous January 2011 build that was compiled by an unknown different party. He also stated that, as far he knows, he’s the only person with this particular working build.

Despite the footage showing Xbox 360 button prompts, he insists that this was indeed the PlayStation 3 build. He gave further proof by also posting a clip showing Gears of War 3 booting from the PlayStation 3’s XMB. However, the XMB doesn’t use the Gears of War 3 logo, but rather an Unreal Tournament III logo.

Additionally, the game’s split-screen co-op function works. However, the game cannot connect to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Since it can’t connect to any network, he can’t test whether he can connect with other systems either.

Notably, the presence of Anya’s hair causes the game to chug. According to the footage, it looks like everything is playable except two levels, which are Act 3, Chapter 3, dubbed “Convoy,” and the finale. In the former, the checkpoint system is broken so the level itself is unplayable. During the finale, the scripting for the final boss seems to freeze, and as a result, that level is impossible to finish.

The reason for the existence of the PlayStation 3 build is unknown, but the Gears of War franchise is now owned by Microsoft after having bought the rights from Epic in 2014.

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