Geek Girls Lambast Prejudice in Music Video


The Doubleclicks’ Nothing to Prove plays tribute to the worlds many female nerds.

Despite the classic cliches of intelligence, nerdom still occasionally comes out with some stupid stuff. For instance, we’re dumbfounded to tell you how the concept came to be, but somehow a bunch of people under the nerd umbrella decided that one of the pre-requisites for liking geeky things was the possession of a dangly bit between your legs. If you’re one of the people who actually believes this, feel free to take a moment to find a blunt object and knock some sense into yourself.

If that fails to do the trick, you can try watching the video to the Nothing to Prove, a song by The Doubleclicks that is both a repudiation of the “fake geek girl” concept and a tribute to the many women who suffer the slings and arrows of elitist nerds. The women featured in the video run the gamut of ages and interests and includes notable nerds like Avenger’s Assemble writer Kelly Sue Deconnick and Amy Berg, the executive producer of the SyFy series Eureka, among others. Male geeks like Star Trek-alum Wil Wheaton and Mythbuster’s co-host Adam Savage also appear, among others, to lend their support.

We’re not going to harp on the stupidity of this whole thing for much longer. Others have already done exemplary jobs dissecting how and why the whole fake geek girl thing is about dumb as it comes. That said, we can’t help but puzzle at why some would even want nerd-ism to be male exclusive. Personally we’d love there to be more women that share our joy of Star Wars and oddly shaped dice. It’s just a bit easier to get past our crippling social awkwardness when we have things like the various ways George Lucas butchered the prequel trilogy as conversation starters.

Source: YouTube

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