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Gen V Trailer Earns Place as The Boys Spinoff with Superhero Gore & Familiar Faces

Gen V Trailer Earns Place as The Boys Spinoff with Superhero Gore & Familiar Faces

Gen V looks like it will be right at home in the world of The Boys in a new trailer that features some not-so-friendly faces and enough blood to paint a college campus red. The video is essentially an extended version of the teaser we received late last year, as it gives us a peek into the powered-up lives of college-age superheroes. This time, however, the footage gives us a bit more information about the story and characters, putting the spotlight on stars like Clancy Brown, Chance Perdomo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and particularly Jaz Sinclair. Sinclair’s blood-bending character Marie Moreau gets the most screentime in the video by far, as we get a glimpse of the journey she’ll go through as she hopes to one day join the super group known as The Seven. You can see her explode some dude’s dick in the Gen V trailer below.

In-between the bloody action is a story that follows young supes who are on their way to becoming full-fledged superheroes. That means we can expect to see the show spend time showing us characters that are still learning what kind of people they want to be as they party their way through school. Seeing as this is a The Boys spinoff, though, not everyone wants to be the good guy, as the Gen V trailer cautions that “there are dangerous, evil people” at the super school. We’ll learn more about these characters and whatever is going on with those puppet scenes when Gen V premieres on Amazon Prime Video on September 29, 2023.

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