What’s better than playing an MMO with friends? Getting a free puppy when you recruit said friends into the game.

Have you been feeling lonely while you quest through the world of Telara? If you’ve been hoping to get some friends hooked on Rift, the folks at Trion Worlds have your back: Tomorrow marks the start of the game’s “Ascend-a-Friend” program which includes a week-long free account and adorable puppies.

The program actually includes benefits for everyone involved. Depending on how many friends are recruited, “Ascenders” get in-game rewards for initiating the program, including a pet (the aforementioned Corgi), a pimpin’ hat, and a fiery mount that looks like something out of the Book of Revelations. Meanwhile, “Ascendees” get seven days of free gameplay, an exclusive in-game title (“The Chosen”), and each player is able to teleport to the other’s location every thirty minutes.

This actually sounds like a fairly decent way to introduce new players to Rift. If this is something that interests you, all you have to do is log into your Trion Worlds account and click “Ascend-a-Friend”.

Source: Ascend-a-Friend via Massively

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