Get Emails From Your Fake Girlfriend in New LovePlus


Happy Valentine’s! Konami is offering New LovePlus players a chance to pay $4 a month to get fake emails from their fake girlfriends.

New LovePlus, sequel to 2009’s rather depressingly-popular girlfriend-simulator LovePlus launches today, complete with a few unique features. You can see the trailer to the right there. It features a cadre of implausibly attractive Japanese people waving their 3DSs around in what seems like a fairly unsafe fashion, while an endless stream of virtual schoolgirls tilt their heads to one side like dogs trying to comprehend an abstract painting.

In New LovePlus Players can use the 3DS’ augmented reality features to interact with and photograph their virtual girlfriends in whatever real world locations they can feasibly reach. Konami plans to release a new AR card for the game every Monday.

For players unwilling to restart their virtual relationship on a new system, Konami is offering a save data import system on the Nintendo eShop for 200 yen (about $2.50).

Konami has also announced a paid service called New LovePlus: Girlfriend Mail. Players who sign up for the service will receive e-mails from their virtual girlfriends regarding her virtual day-to-day activities. Players can even link the service with their game save so the emails use their in-game nicknames. The service will eventually cost around $4 a month, but Konami is allowing players to try the service for free until March.

This isn’t an entirely new idea, Missing: Since January (In Memoriam for you European-types) had a similar system. Admittedly those emails are supposed to be from a serial murder, and thus are probably somewhat less uplifting than daily reports on what Rinko-chan had for breakfast, but at least they don’t cost $4 a month.

Source: Siliconera

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