Get Gouged For Horse Armor, Again


Bethesda’s humorously celebrating the third anniversary of its epochal Horse Armor DLC by slashing the price of all Oblivion downloadable content in half while doubling, yes, doubling, the price of Horse Armor for a limited time.

Years from now when we’re looking back through the tomes of gaming history, Horse Armor will be the first section in a chapter about how DLC changed everything. No exaggeration: Horse Armor set the precedent for the microtransactions for everything from in-game clothing to alternate costumes in Street Fighter IV that we now accept as commonplace. Horse Armor changed things, man.

In celebration of the third anniversary of that historical occasion and in the spirit of April Fools, Bethesda is having a little fun. They’re putting all Oblivion DLC on Xbox Live on sale for half off…except for Horse Armor, which will cost double the amount. Yes, double. The sale will run from April 3 (this Friday) through the 7th. And no, this isn’t a joke…I’ve checked, and yes, the Horse Armor now costs a whopping 400 Microsoft Points. I’m sure they’re all having a good old laugh about this over in Maryland.

Of course, this also means that all the Oblivion expansion packs are half off, which is a pretty nice deal if you haven’t checked them out yet. So I guess we should be grateful.

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