Dude! It’s time for DudeFest! The Big Lebowski Tribute Party, featuring White Russians, Wii Bowling, costume contests, a film screening and more.

DudeFest! is a tribute to the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, a Coen Brothers film starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and a host of others in a doped-up story about bowling, nihilists, kidnapping and a rug. Despite mixed reviews and an unimpressive box office, the film and its iconic characters have proved remarkably durable and as a result, we have DudeFest!, “a celebration of all things Lebowski,” hosted by the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore.

White Russians will be served, as will imitation In-N-Out Burgers, the movie’s signature food. Costume contests are being held, with used bowling pins awarded to the best Dude, Big Lebowski, Walter Sobchak and Jesus, and of course bowling – Wii Bowling – will also be available for those who don’t have a problem rolling on Shabbos. Tying up the event will be a duplicate of The Rug, hopefully not peed on, that fans of the film can pose on for photographs, followed by a screening of the film at 10 pm.

What makes a deeply weird comedy like The Big Lebowski so enduringly popular? It’s very much an all-or-nothing film and movie fans who like it tend to like it a lot. “The movie’s strength comes from the diversity of the characters and their philosophies,” said Creative Alliance member and hardcore fan Don Plehn. “The Dude is not a go-getter, but he’s got strong moral values and is a loyal friend. The Dude’s nemesis, Jeffrey Lebowski or the Big Lebowski, is seen as… a self-absorbed, vain man.”

DudeFest! The Big Lebowski Tribute Party takes place on June 6 at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore, starting at 7 pm. For more information, check out

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