Get Six Indie Games for the Price of One


Has the single life left you with a bit of extra cash after Valentine’s Day? You could do a lot worse than the Indie Love Bundle, a collection of six great indie games for $20.

Sure, the only Valentine you got this year was from your mom, you sat inside playing BioShock 2 all weekend while your “couple” friends got busy and you’re beginning to suspect that no one will ever really love you. But you know who does love you? The good folks involved in the Indie Love Bundle, who for the next two and a half days are selling their games for a fraction of their retail price.

For $20, you get six of the most acclaimed indie titles of the last year, including:

  • And Yet It Moves, a mind-bending, gravity-warping platformer with a ripped-paper look
  • Auditorium, a soothing music-based puzzle game (which we featured in last year’s Indie Developer Showcase)
  • Machinarium, a richly detailed point-and-click adventure
  • Aztaka, a 2D sidescrolling RPG set in a world of Aztec mythology
  • Osmos, an ambient cell-based puzzle game
  • Eufloria (formerly Dyson), an IGF-award-winning horticultural RTS

Each game is available for Windows PC, while all but Eufloria and Aztaka are also available for Mac. So don’t delay! These developers only have so much love to give – after 60 hours, they’re moving on to greener (read: pricier) pastures.

(And if you must know, it’s not them, it’s you.)

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