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The Deep Roads return in the Descent add-on to Dragon Age: Inquisition, but the darkspawn aren’t the only danger you’ll contend with. One particular puzzle might confound adventurers, so we’ve uncovered the solution to make the Builder’s Tower a cinch.

Far underground, the Inquisitor leads their party back into familiar territory for Dragon Age: Origins veterans. The Deep Roads are legendary caves where the darkspawn, the world-consuming threat of that Bioware fantasy RPG, make their home. This time around, the area serves something like a sprawling dungeon that will occupy the greater part of your time exploring in Descent. Beyond the endless hordes of mutant enemies, you’ll also have to deal with a unique puzzle — the Builder’s Tower. See what’s up with this contraption in the how-to solution here.

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How to Solve the Builder’s Tower Puzzle

This particular puzzle, the Builder’s Tower or the Tower of Hanoi, is used in almost every Bioware RPG. Like cheese wedges, it’s become a staple of the Bioware brand, and it makes another appearance here in Descent.

Dragon Age Inquisition Descent Puzzle Quest

The puzzle appears in the quest called, ‘Builder’s Towers’ found in the Darkspawn Warrens. To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to move the ascending discs from the left peg to the right peg, from largest to smallest.

You cannot move a larger piece onto a smaller piece. That’s where the puzzle part comes in. To solve this puzzle, follow these steps exactly.

  • Purple to center peg. Yellow to right peg. Purple to right peg. Red to center peg. Purple to left peg. Yellow to center peg. Purple to center peg. Orange to right peg. Purple to right peg. Yellow to left peg. Purple to left peg. Red to right peg. Purple to center peg. Yellow to right peg. Purple to right peg.

For clarification, the order goes (from smallest to largest piece): purple, yellow, red, orange.

Complete the puzzle to earn a nice reward and complete this quest. It can be very annoying if you’re unfamiliar with the goal of this (almmost) Easter egg challenge.

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