Get Your Graffiti in Crackdown 2


Ruffian Games, makers of Crackdown 2, need your help in adding graffiti to the streets of Pacific City.

The design team at Ruffian is holding a contest to have your art submissions be added to Crackdown 2 as in-game graffiti. The deadline is December 9th, and judging from the submission on the website from lead designer, Steve Iannetta, (pictured) you have a pretty good chance of making the cut. Crackdown 2 is set to be released in May 2010.

The contest website describes Pacific City as a “mess” in Crackdown 2, which takes place ten years after the first game:

Deranged freaks roam the landscape, buildings have been wrecked beyond recognition, burnt out husks of cars litter the highways, there’s dog mess and graffiti everywhere. Well, not quite graffiti everywhere yet as we haven’t quite got round to drawing it yet.

“And that’s where you guys come in,” the website goes on to say. “Lazy swine that we are we thought we’d ask you to do our work for us.”

At least they’re honest about it.

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