Ghost Recon: Phantoms Launch Trailer: Fight Together Or Die Alone


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Phantoms is now available on Steam.

The free-to-play online shooter Ghost Recon: Phantoms, formerly known as Ghost Recon Online, went live on Steam today and that means it’s time for a launch trailer! And this one has a point to make, too. See, Ghost Recon: Phantoms is a team-based shooter, the operative word being “team,” and in case that’s not clear enough, this trailer is entitled “Fight Together or Die Alone.”

Still not sinking in? Okay, notice how the red guy – the Phantom – is all alone out there, taking on three blue guys – the Ghosts? He seems to do pretty well for himself, all things considered, but he’s alone, while the other guys are together. And eventually his solitary ways catch up to him, and in the end he dies alone at the hands of those who are fighting together. So, the lesson: alone bad, together good. Got it?

Sorry about the spoiler. Here are some screens to make up for it.

It’s a pretty groovy trailer and hopefully the game will be decent too, although I’m less than thrilled by the third-person perspective. Luckily, you can give Ghost Recon: Phantoms a rip without having to blow any money on it, as it’s a free-to-play release that you can grab now from Steam.

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