Now that the Ghostbusters video game has apparently lost its Activision publisher, rights owner Sony Pictures is contemplating a delayed release.

The new situation has provided “an opportunity to reevaluate the game release marketing strategy to potentially coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film in ’09,” Sony Pictures told Variety’s Cut Scene.

The game was one of many not included in Activision’s five game short-list, announced following its official merger with Blizzard.

There remains the possibility that the title is the unannounced fifth venture Activision said it will take on, or that it will be published under the Sierra name.

Ghostbusters, which has been seen in playable form and follows the storyline of the first movie, was originally due for a fall release on the PC, PS3, 360, DS and Wii, with development team Terminal Reality handling the first three editions and Red Fly taking on the last two.


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