Augmented reality game Ghostwire needs a new publisher to ensure that Nintendo DSi players will truly believe in ghosts.

In a bit of sad news this week, one of the most intriguing games to incorporate the functionality of the Nintendo DSi’s cameras has been confirmed to have lost its publisher. Ghostwire, in development by A Different Game, is now looking for a new backer to help release the game so that kids can someday be completely frightened of their surroundings.

To explain what I mean by that, Ghostwire is an augmented reality game that uses the Nintendo DSi’s cameras as a key gameplay component. Players hold the DSi in front of them as they move throughout their environment while the outside camera displays what it’s pointing at in real time. Ghosts pop up on the DSi’s screen at certain points, as if the DSi is the portal through which you can now see the apparitions.

Players take on the role of a ghostbuster of sorts, using various kinds of equipment like a thermal scanner and ionizer, while solving the mysteries of the ghosts they find. Some ghosts are friendly, while others are as evil as Zuul.

It’s not only a cool concept, but a little scary as well. Ghostwire was originally going to be published by Majesco, but the company dropped it. A Different Game says it needs a new “worldwide publisher” now, and the studio isn’t sure when the game will be released. Ghostwire was originally expected to come out in late 2010.

As one of the few games that uses the DSi’s cameras in a way that’s compelling, it’d be a real shame if Ghostwire never came back to life again. You can follow the game’s progress on its official website, or on Facebook here.

Source: Joystiq

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