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Ghostwire: Tokyo Gets Chaotic Gameplay Deep Dive Ahead of March Launch

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Bethesda and Tango Gameworks just wrapped up their Ghostwire: Tokyo presentation, revealing a lengthy gameplay deep dive to go along with yesterday’s PC and PlayStation 5 release date announcement of March 25, 2022. The gameplay segment consisted of about 10 minutes of footage, showing supernatural horrors and just a few of the terrifying battles that await. Players utilize the mystic art of ethereal weaving to take down ghostly foes with various elemental attacks, but there are also other weapons to experiment with, such as a bow and arrow. Besides giving fans a much-needed look at the foggy, neon-lit streets of its take on Tokyo, Tango briefly showed how players will be able to upgrade and progress through Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Beyond showing gameplay, the Ghostwire: Tokyo presentation also featured a lengthy interview with a few of the game’s developers, where Tango Gameworks founder and original Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami spoke with the team about the game’s development. One moment saw music composer Masatoshi Yanagi speaking on how Ghostwire: Tokyo takes advantage of the PlayStation 5: “We took advantage of the 3D audio system from PlayStation 5. The 3D audio is really amazing. If you accidentally kick or knock something over in the game, then the resulting sound will follow. It sounds so incredibly real that you wonder and look around to see if you broke something inside your house. That’s the best feature, in my opinion.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s (official) release date is just around the corner, but PlayStation 5 players can get their hands on it even sooner. Those who preorder Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store can access the game on March 22, three days earlier than those who buy the standard version. The same pack also includes the Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit, and Kunai Weapon. For a better look at everything Tango had to show today, you can watch the entire Ghostwire: Tokyo presentation below. Stay tuned for more updates on additional platforms post-launch, as it will surely arrive on Xbox after its PlayStation exclusivity period concludes.

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