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Read Article Is Quake 2 a Sequel to Quake?
Quake 2 is now remastered, but do you have to play the original game to understand the story of this sequel?
Read Article Quake 2 Remaster Bundles in Quake 64 and New Content from Wolfenstein Dev, Out Now
Quake 2 Remaster Bundles in Quake 64 & New Content from Wolfenstein Dev, Out Now
Read Article MachineGames’ Indiana Jones Game Was Originally Going to Be Multiplatform, Isn’t Now
Bethesda and MachineGames Indiana Jones game was going to be a multiplatform release but is now slated to be an Xbox & PC exclusive.
Read Article Quake II Remastered Rating Appears Ahead of QuakeCon 2023
Quake II Remastered received a rating in South Korea, suggesting that Bethesda & id Software plan to announce a re-release at QuakeCon 2023.
Read Article Doom II RPG PC Port Reanimates Id Software’s Long-Forgotten Mobile Spinoff
Experimental Bethesda & id Software mobile game Doom II RPG is now available to play on PC thanks to the team at GEC Entertainment.
Read Article The Evil Within, Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Departing Tango Gameworks
Founder and CEO Shinji Mikami will depart Hi-Fi Rush and Ghostwire: Tokyo studio Tango Gameworks soon, it has been announced.
Read Article Mighty Doom Is an ‘Adorably Violent’ Top-Down Mobile Shooter
Bethesda & Alpha Dog Games share a release date trailer cute mobile shooter Mighty Doom, available for preregistration on Android and iOS.
Read Article Unofficial Fallout TV Series Set Photos Give Us a First Look At Amazon’s Post-Apocalypse
Fallout TV Series Photos
Read Article MS Cuts Jobs at Xbox and Bethesda, Joseph Staten Exits 343 for Xbox Publishing
Microsoft MS Xbox Bethesda Game Studios layoffs layoff cut 10,000 jobs Halo Infinite Starfield Joseph Staten exits 343 Industries for Xbox Publishing
Read Article Starfield Q&A Video Discusses Dynamic Quests, Won’t Lock Out Faction Options
A new Bethesda Starfield Q&A Constellation Questions video discusses dynamic quests and NPCs, and you wont be locked out of faction options.


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