If you don’t want to see a good five minutes’ worth of Super Mario Galaxy 2 gameplay footage featuring Mario, his brother Luigi, faithful companion Yoshi, and eternal nemesis Bowser, then you shouldn’t click this.

By now, you know the drill: Super Mario Galaxy was phenomenal, and Galaxy 2 looks to be following suit. Every bit of new gameplay footage feels like Nintendo is injecting pure childish happy directly into my brain with a syringe clad in a red shirt and overalls.

So the news that GameTrailers had a bunch of new SMG2 gameplay clips was fairly well-received by Yours Truly, to say the least. There are four new gameplay montages, one showing off everything Yoshi can do, and then one apiece for each of the game’s first three worlds.

There’s also a fifth video that shows that Mario’s brother and second banana will be returning in Galaxy 2 – gasp and shock. Judging by the video, Luigi can do everything his elder sibling can do, only he looks a bit sillier and lankier doing it.

If you’re trying to remain completely unspoiled for Galaxy 2, it goes without saying: Don’t watch these videos! I mean, you might learn that Mario, at some point, will have at least one boss battle against Bowser, and who could have ever expected that? It just came out of nowhere!

Simply put, SMG2 looks amazing. It’s out on May 23 here in North America, and early June in Europe.

Pure. Childish. Happy.

(Via CVG)

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