Glorious Leader! Video Game Stars North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Fighting America


Check out the trailer for Moneyhorse Games’ upcoming Glorious Leader! retro run ‘n’ gun game starring North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman.

Ever wanted to play as North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un? No? Well, regardless if you thought of it or not, Glorious Leader! is coming out soon where you’ll get to play as the infamous dictator and he’ll even be accompanied by former NBA star Dennis Rodman. Being developed by Atlanta-based Moneyhorse Games, Glorious Leader! will be a 2D “retro run ‘n’ gun” game played over seven levels where Kim Jong-Un will battle American troops and at some point, set fire to the American flag. Jeff Miller, CEO of Moneyhorse Games says that he was motivated to develop Glorious Leader! based on his fascination with North Korea, and that he wanted to find a new way to tell the country’s story, and to get people talking about the nation.

Aimed at gamers in their 20s and 30s whom Miller claims “are big into retro right now,” Glorious Leader! is being developed for PC and mobile, but most likely will only be available on Android and not Apple’s platform, since Miller is doubtful Apple will want the title on its app store. While some people might find the game itself offensive, Miller states Moneyhorse Games is trying to “carefully walk the line of satire without being an apologist for the regime”, but admits he doesn’t expect everyone to like it.

Those interested, Glorious Leader! will be available later this year at an unspecified date. But you can check Moneyhorse Games’ official site for updates.

It’s a satire game, I know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Glorious Leader! rubs some people the wrong way. Based on the trailer, are you interested at all to give this a go or might it be too offensive for Americans? Which world leader should have their own game next?

Source: The Guardian

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