Goal! Play Soccer in Halo 5: Guardians With This Easter Egg

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Enjoy a few rounds of soccer in Halo 5 with this new Easter egg, allowing your team of Spartans to face off and kick the ball around between two goals. Learn how to activate it with the text instructions down below.

The great pastime of soccer (or football to the rest of our international friends) isn’t usually represented in hardcore FPS gaming. That all changes now that Halo 5 has a hidden soccer ball just waiting to be kicked. The huge ball that appears in Forge Mode now has a reason to exist in singleplayer, with two goalposts and some exciting fireworks on every goal.

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Soccer Ball Easter Egg

This Easter egg is located in Mission 4: Meridian Station.

How to Summon a Soccer Ball

Once your team arrives in the peaceful Meridian Station, you’ll be unable to shoot weapons or use melee attacks.

In the town, run to the back-left corner. There’s an orange Vending Machine on a metal landing. If you approach it, you’ll get a prompt to interact.

Press [X] to use the Vending Machine. Do that ten [10] times until you hear a whistle and cheering sound effect.

If you’re looking at the Vending Machine, the soccer ball will spawn to the left near a container with a Mongoose inside. Sadly, you cannot drive the Mongoose.

Nathan Fillion’s character even quips “Used to play a fair bit of football in my day.”

How to Score a Goal

There’s more to this Easter egg! Now that you have a soccer ball, you’re going to need two goals.

Push the soccer ball toward the far back end of the town. There’s a massive metal door and a blocked street. Between those two landmarks, you’ll see a series of orange street cones.

Those street cones? They’re your goals. Nudge the soccer ball inside and they’ll explode with fireworks and replay that cheering sound effect.

That goes for both goals. They’re opposite each other and mirrored, so it’s easy to spot them. Now you and your team can kick the football around and enjoy some off-time.

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